Why the industrial field needs technologies like Edge Computing / AI / Machine Learning?

Real-time data transfer and the need for analysis

Safety of the industrial site, equipment failure, and quality can be analyzed by real-time data collection / analysis Urgent notification and response required

Poor network resources

Network overload problem in transmitting tens or millions of data per second from sensor

Limitations of the server

Limitations of the server to store large amounts of data coming from numerous devices and sensors in the industrial field

Stability issues

Various security and reliability problems occur in transmitting and processing large amounts of data in real time

Solution with ALOOH IIoT Platform

  The ALOOH IIoT platform performs real-time analysis at the site where data is collected through the “Edge Computing Middleware” developed by the company, and it can instantly control and notify the danger situation on the field where real-time processing is required. In conjunction with Server Analysis, Edge-Server Hybrid Analysis can be used to propose solutions that can gain corporate insight.

Real-Time data analysis and transmission

Real-time data analysis and transmission from Edge Processor enables emergency notification and rapid response

System configuration without network load

Only the data analyzed by the Edge Processor or the data required to be analyzed is transmitted selectively

Real-time production / quality response

Quality inspection and management to reduce costs, predict quality / production, and provide accurate quality inspection criteria

Provision of maintenance methods based on predictive maintenance-

Predictive maintenance through data analysis using AI / Machine Learning technology to reduce maintenance cost and efficient operation of facilities