Over the next decade, manufacturers in India will transform their production facilities into SMART Factories. The smart new factories will be safer, faster, digitally portable and more efficient than ever. Predictive maintenance based on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) with the addition of Edge Computing will help manufacturers reduce downtime, improve equipment effectiveness, lower maintenance costs and increase return on assets the fastest. It will also provide an increasing level of awareness to monitor the reflexes to the altering circumstances and has the potential to create digital cognizance about the real world one belongs to.

Edge computing reduces the burden on networks and other IT infrastructure while keeping the expenses low. The technology involves the use of devices to analyze captured data on the factory floor itself rather than sending them to a cloud. Instead, the results of the analysis are sent to the cloud or data centre which is required to generate business insights. This approach offers significant benefits and allows organizations to make more efficient use of their network resources.

With the help of edge computing, factory devices do most of the analytics, significantly reducing the data that needs to travel across the network. Edge computing saves company’s money on cloud computing cost & increases the speed of analytics.

Most IIoT data is only valuable for a brief period of time, and then it can be deleted. If companies must pay to store data on a public cloud service, their budgets can skyrocket. With Edge Computing, the amount of data stored is kept to a minimum, as are the related expenses.

Edge Computing can also help to maximise penetration of IIoT based Predictive & Prescriptive Maintenance. In some IIoT deployments, internet connectivity isn’t always available because of factors such as remote locations or the unreliability of mobile connections. Edge computing doesn’t need the need of an internet connection in order to do its analytics work.

Predictive maintenance is just the beginning, its IIoT solutions can be used for real time quality control or compliance initiatives. Deploying a predictive maintenance solution helps organizations get crucial elements of IIoT infrastructure in place that enable later expansion into broader usage models.

Organizations can get ahead of the competition by investing in IIoT infrastructure today. The best path forward is to take advantage of holistic solutions that smoothly integrate with existing assets and infrastructure. Getting an early start with predictive maintenance, manufacturers can set themselves up to realize the full benefits of the smart factory.

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