Structure of ALOOH IIoT Platform

Industrial IoT Platform Based on Edge Computing

The ALOOH IIoT Platform uses the Internet of things in industrial sites such as manufacturing facilities and construction sites, It is an IIoT platform that collects information and monitors it constantly to improve the quality of production by detecting the prognosis and abnormality of the fault early. By applying Edge Server Hybrid Analytics technology, which efficiently analyzes and processes data in Edge Processor and IIoT Server, it enables more efficient operation of industrial field.


Speedy One-Stop Package

From data collection to analysis Up to monitoring With a simple system configuration Build IIoT platform with minimal time and cost

Edge Computing IoT Platform

Provides continuous connectivity of equipment and sensors Stable simultaneous processing of high-speed / high-volume data, which collects tens of millions of pieces per second per facility

Real Time Data Analysis

Data collected in the field Immediate analysis and emergency notification in real time with pre-processing and field analysis technology on the Edge

Industrial IoT Server Data Analysis

Edge-Server Hybrid Analysis provides comprehensive analysis of various data collected by Edge using AI / ML / BigData technology

ALOOH IIoT Platform Components

“Edge Processor” that processes large volume streams quickly from sensors and facilities in the field, and “Edge Processor” which can analyze the various streams of equipment data, history data, IIoT Server “.

Edge Processor

Optimal device for machine learning / AI analysis

  • Various communication support
  • I / O support for industrial sensors
  • Multi-channel sensor data collection
  • High-speed, high-resolution data acquisition / processing
  • Sensor data preprocessing analysis equipped with advanced analysis algorithms
  • Various Field Protocol Support

IIoT Server

Historical data, various equipment data, environmental data, etc. Provide solutions through comprehensive data analysis

  • Real-time data storage
  • Data trend analysis
  • Applying artificial intelligence and machine learning technology
  • Sensor and gateway management
  • Alarm setting and transfer function

Edge Builder

Easy data transmission and  analysis

  • Multi-Edge device management & analysis
  • Multi-Edge device monitoring and visualization
  • Easy programming by using Drag & Drop
  • Various analysis algorithm support
  • Compatible with other language analysis algorithms