ALOOH Edge Processor

A device that collects, analyzes, and processes vast amounts of data in real-time from industrial sensors and equipment. EDGE COMPUTING ENGINE equipped industrial field data analysis optimal device

Main Features

  • IoT Gateway : Ensures continuous connectivity through stable network and supports various communication such as WiFi / BLE / LAN / LoRa / Zigbee
  • DAQ : Various sensors needed for industrial field are supported and I / O is supported. Collect sensor data from multiple channels and collect and process high-speed, high-resolution data
  • Data Processing : Equipped with 1.4GHz Quad-Core Computing Power, stable data analysis and processing is possible
  • Edge Computing Engine :: Predictive maintenance is enabled by using advanced data analysis technology such as AI / Machine Learning and data preprocessing technology based on Edge Computing..
  • Edge View : Edge View allows you to monitor data collected in real time and view History Trend Data results.


  • IoT Gateway :
  • Seamless connection by supporting variety of communication with WiFi/BLE/LoRA/Zigbee.
  • DAQ
  • Multi-Channel sensor data Collection 
  • High-Speed / High-Resolution data collection 
  • Data Processing
  • High performance computing power
  • Reliable concurrent performance


  • Edge Computing Engine
  • Management of collected data
  • Pre-processing of sensor data
  • Advanced analysis algorithm  
  • Supporting variety of data 


  • Edge View
  • Live data monitoring
  • History data monitoring